Geographical information systems with free software (QGIS I)

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The course Geographical information systems with Free Software QGIS I, is directed to students and professionals from various sectors who require the use of geographical information on a daily basis and for those to whom the use of Free Software gives and advantages compared to other options.

During the basic course, the most basic ideas will be explained so that a user can, with or without previous knowledge of the Geographical Information System, use the program Quantum GIS (Free Software) in an efficient way and perform basic and essential functions in all the Geographical Information Systems, in particular:

  • Basic concepts of GIS and free software
  • Procuring and presenting basic vector files and images
  • Editing of vector files
  • Work with WMS
  • Plug-ins and extensions
  • Printing of the maps
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Análisis espacial con Quantum GIS (QGIS II)

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This course is directed to professionals who require the use of Geographical Information Systems on a daily base and who see an advantage in free software when realizing their projects.

With this course, you will advance to various concepts of spatial analysis, thought the use of research tools, geo-processes, geometry, layer management, terrain and other advanced add-ons of Quantum GIS (QGIS).

To access this course it is convenient to dominate the basic notions of GIS, as well as certain experience managing QGIS. The principal contents of the course are:

  • Vector analysis, geo-processes
  • Raster analysis, calculation and conversion
  • Land/MDT, slope, orientation, shading
  • Introduction to GRASS
  • Interpolation
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The goal of this course is to obtain new skills at an expert level for the use of geographical information systems, in both desktop tools and WEB tools for publishing maps in the internet. Some of the topics that will be taught are:

  • Advanced processes for data analysis
  • Mapsserver
  • WMS creation
  • Javascript add-ons
  • Tailor-made practical case

The needs of the course participants are very wide, hence the course can be tailor-made to fit the software and training of professionals and companies” needs.

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