Environmental studies

Argongra is specialized in environmental studies in general and in those that affect the conditions of a soil and subsoil in particular. The company offers environmentally friendly solutions for industrial clients, soil developers, real estate companies and regional and municipal administrations, as well as multinationals and consulting companies.

Environmental studies - Soil investigation

Soil investigation

Environmental studies - Model of soil conditioning

Model of soil conditioning

This way, Argongra does Studies for the Environmental Impact, environmental risk analysis, location of contaminated soils, risk analysis for health and ecosystems, characterization of contaminated aquifers, as well as the production of complete studies about the characterization of the soil.

Environmental studies - Detailed investigation of unusual pollutant

Detailed investigation of unusual pollutant

Environmental studies - Probe


On the other hand, besides detecting territorial environmental problems, mostly on the soil and subsoil, Argongra elaborates ambitious projects of Environmental Engineering to offers solutions. Some of the most significant jobs the company does are to cure the land of the contaminated grounds and aquifers and to manage the environment of the mining settlements or the tailing dykes, among other projects.

Environmental studies - Soil investigation in the mining lands

Soil investigation in the mining lands