Risk of flooding in the Philippines
(Action against Hunger – Project Hyacinth)


Last January Argongra signed an agreement on the collaboration with Action against Hunger (ACH Acción Contra el Hambre), to facilitate technical support in the field of geo-spatial technologies. The deal was made a couple of days after the formation of a work team from Project Hyacinth, leaded and directed by Argongra and created with the help of students from SIG and various environmental disciplines.

The geographical location, the exposure to meteorological phenomena, the population concentration in urban centers, the land orography and the river dynamics contribute to the high risk of flooding for vast areas of Philippian lands.

The objective of Project Hyacinth exists of the realization of a research on the areas with high risk of flooding, through the use of SIG (Geographical Information System) techniques, satellite image data and calculation models that are already available or specially developed for the project.

The first phase of this initiative is being rounded up by the shaping of a national map that indicates the risk of flooding. A conjuncture of factors, established by the members of the team, have been collected, processed and saved on Argongra’s mapping webserver for MapPrint.

The next phases of the Project will permit, by the selection of certain zones, a more detailed research of the risk, using high-resolution satellite images and by taking in consideration some new factors that limit the consequences of a flooding. Such as is the case with the expansion of the riverbeds of many rivers from Jacinto de Agua, the plant that gave name to this project.