R & D = Argongra Labs

Argongra is a company immersed in R&D and committed to innovation as a main vector for long run sustainable growth.

Proof of that is the creation of Argongra Labs, that shows projects and applications developed by the company, which are currently in an experimental phase or they are not completely developed for a concrete use.

The objective of this tool is to have access to a platform for sampling and evidence collection that allows us to obtain preliminary results through videos and demonstrations of some service or application.

The main lines of development are:

  • Development of sensors and low cost platforms for the acquisition of data.
  • Development of automatic processing chains for remote and airborne sensoring.
  • 3D modeling for virtual scenarios.
  • Online GIS systems.

Some of these projects are Sistema Linceo, Environews, Nowcasting,…

R & D = Argongra Labs

Argongra Labs