Corporate Information

Argongra is a company composed of engineers and consultants specialized in natural resources management. Through a deep knowledge about the technologies for earth observation, we add value to the geographical information.

Our job is to capture, process, interpret and distribute this information, with the objective of allowing for better management and decision-making for projects related to:

Corporate Information

We offer a quality service to our clients that allows to translate, interpret and integrate this data, letting them have a more efficient and productive management of their business.

Argongra actively collaborates with NGOs to help with natural and environmental disasters by evaluating the impact occurred on the land and offering solutions to improve it. We are also a member of ASICMA (Association of Engineering Companies, Consultancy, Environment, Architecture and Technological Services Companies of Madrid).


Following our policy of offering our clients a good quality service and being environmentally friendly, Argongra has the following certifications: