Public sector

The services that Argongra offers have numerous applications within the public sector:

  • Supply of satellite images of many different resolutions (actual and historic).
  • Image processing for the direct uploading into the usual information systems, including the realization of mosaic and orthophotos.
  • Image interpretation for cartography usage:
    • Soil use maps for the general purpose (Corine, Siose, Urban Atlas, etc).
    • Planimetric update.
    • Soil use maps for a particular use, for example farming land or variation in the forested surfaces.
  • Data base generation. The administration has a great quantity of general interest data, but it is necessary to implement specific systems to allow its use.
  • Development of applications for both intranet and internet.

Public sector - Bionline Web Viewer and SIOSE

Bionline Web Viewer and SIOSE

SIOSE: (Land Use Information System in Spain).