Energy and supply networks

Argongra provides services in those situations where there is a strong relation between energy and territory.

Within this sector, we develop services, such as:

  • Design, implementation and management of geographical information systems specialized in the management of big transportation routes for energy. We develop systems for departments with very specific needs or corporate systems 100% integrated within the company‚Äôs information system.
  • We have capacity to cover 100% of the needs of our clients, from the conceptual design of the system (including the data model), to the development of applications to be used in either executive tasks in an office or in operations in the field (supervision and capture from a helicopter).

Energy and supply networks - 3D simulation of the supply network project

3D simulation of the supply network project
  • We carry out services for the energy sector in projects related to the soil and subsoil contamination, in both studies of characterization and in environmental risk evaluation.
  • Studies for the evaluation of the environmental impact for energy facilities.
  • Environmental risk analysis in the production, transportation and distribution.
  • Valuation of energy resources on a large scale, for example the available biomass.

Energy and supply networks - Biomass studies from the agricultural waste

Biomass studies from the agricultural waste